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  Production Facilities    

Production Facilities:
A Printing Machine 2 Nos Zimmer Rotary printing12 colors : 320 CM Width + 180 CM
B Flat Bed Printing: Zimmer with 78? Repeat 4-8 colors 1Nos Working width 180 CM
C Stenter Machine 4Nos Famatex 180 CM Width,240 CM Width,320 CM Width,320 CM Width
D Pad dyeing system (Made in UK) 1Nos  
  Jet dyeing machine (VH, Long close) 8 Tubes  
  Smith Pressure Kier (Jumbo Jig) 1 No  
  Jig (Open) 4Nos  
  Jig (Close)(Smith, UK) 4 Nos 120" widths
  Kleinwefers continuous & thermo Sal dyeing 1 No  
E Singing & Desizing machine (Parex, UK) 1 No  
F Bleaching range (Artos, Germany) 1 No  
G Continuous bleaching, Omez 1 No 320 CM width
H Washing machine (Artos, Germany) 1 No  
I Steamager (Arioli, Italy) 1 No  
J Curing Machine 1 No  
K Farmer Norton calendar 2 Nos 7 Bowl = 1 No, 2 Bowl =1 No
L Kleinwefers Merceriser with caustic recovery system 1 No 260 CM Width
M Brushing Machines 08 no width 126
N Micro Peach finishing machines 02 no  
O Sanforize machine 2 No Width 126
Weaving Section:
1 Sulzer Projectile (Shuttleless)
Loom with tapped mechanism
58 Nos. 72 Nos. (153" width) (130" width)
2 West Point sizing machine 1 No.  
3 West Point warper 1 No  
4 Schilafrost warper 1 No  
(In addition to above Looms we have also 400 Looms on contract basis)
Design Department:
  CAD system 1 set Silicon graphics
  Laboratory: Equipped with European instruments capable of doing all kinds of testing- - -
Sample Rotary printing Machine- (Zimmer
1 No  
36,000 Square feet garments floor with 250 JUKI BRAND Machines.


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